Roslyn (LP + CD)


Label : Release date: February 17th, 2014
Barcode: 8714374963596

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Raw, dirty and wild. On their second album TSL turned left there where The Black Keys turned right. 11 exciting new bluesrock songs ‘Grand Cru’. ‘Roslyn’s soundscape is varied and also has a more fuller sound than the band’s debut. A generous mix of rock, country, blues and folk. Sometimes subdued, sometimes with blistering guitars. Infectious rock ’n roll, loaded with guitarsolo’s and greasy grooves. Producer Rudolf de Borst (The Datsuns) made sure TSL sound like a strong multifaceted seventies rock band balancing between catchiness and authentic hard rock. Turn your volume to 11.

  1. Tripper
  2. Working Overtime
  3.  Girl’s Gonna Break It
  4.  Gold In Them Hills
  5.  Shakey Painters
  6.  Reasons
  7.  Don’t Know Nothing
  8.  Us, Uniform
  9.  Drop Your Disguise
  10.  Blue Shoes
  11.  All My Friends